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CBD Progress Starts With Routine

From tinctures and gels to calming milk baths, more and more people are adding CBD to their wellness routines and it's no surprise that with continuous use, the benefits continue to stack up. 

Potent CBD products are those that combine effective levels of high-potency CBD with high-quality, all-natural carrier oils and other nutrition-packed ingredients – like goat milk, shea butter, aloe, whole oats, honey, and organic MCT coconut oil. 

We take pride in delivering our CBD products to our customers at an affordable price so everyone can access the benefits of CBD – even on a budget. We're passionate about sharing the incredible benefits of what is to many a life-changing product of nature. 

It's no surprise however, as a fairly new product, it's still wildly misunderstood and before we get to the reasons why you should be incorporating it into your routine, take a moment to get to know CBD.  


CBD is Not The Same as THC

THC is the psychoactive ingredient found in Marijuana that produces a high. However, Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring, non-psychotropic cannabinoid of the hemp plant Cannabis sativa L. and has been known to induce several physiological and pharmacological effects. 

CBD does not interact directly with the cannabinoid receptors in the body. CBD has a low affinity for cannabinoid receptors. This means that CBD is not the first thing that cannabinoid receptors look for. If there are other cannabinoids or endogenous cannabinoids around, the receptors will respond to those instead of CBD.

However, our cannabinoid receptors still play a major role in delivering the effects of CBD. CBD affects the cannabinoid receptors through a process called pleiotropy. This is when a compound or gene has effects on the body that aren't directly related to what it does.

It's because of the body's vastly different response to CBD that people use it for various reasons, including reducing seizures, anxiety, pain, sleeping disorders, and more!

There's simply no reason why you can't progress on your wellness journey with the power of CBD. Here are a few tips and helpful information to help you jumpstart a routine with CBD this year. 

Add CBD to Your Nightly Routine

Sometimes, it can be challenging to switch off from the day's activities and relax our minds. We wear so many hats throughout the day that it becomes hard to switch gears and let ourselves unwind. In theory, sleep is a human necessity that we've all relied on since we were babies. However, there are times when rest feels more like an extraordinary achievement than a birthright. Sleep can even seem cruel if we're struggling with insomnia symptoms.

Lack of sleep won't just make you grumpy. It can also impact brain function, immunity, and metabolic health. Adding an all-natural sleep aid, like CBD, is easy to support your snooze by putting your body into a calming and relaxed state.

There is now evidence to suggest that CBD can improve sleep quality. Some studies have shown that it helps people fall asleep faster, while others found that it reduces the number of times someone wakes up at night. CBD has been shown to increase the duration of sleep which as a result increases the amount of REM sleep. REM sleep is the deep, restorative sleep that is essential for optimal health.

But the benefits don't stop there.

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Wake Up with CBD

You know the feeling – It usually happens on Mondays, after a long weekend. You're trying to get back into your work routine, but your brain feels foggy, and you're having trouble staying focused. Research has shown that the properties of CBD can help the brain with clarity and focus. Additionally, CBD may ward off any stress, so you can focus on the task in front of you instead of worrying about your work day or other non-work related stresses.

So, support your mind and body as soon as you wake up, and your feet hit the floor!

Making a new supplement part of your morning routine will help you keep using it and get the best results. That means CBD could work through your system while watching the news, brushing your teeth, or enjoying breakfast.

Many of us run on autopilot in the morning, especially on weekdays. If you can add a serving of CBD as a waypoint in your morning journey, you're set to start your day, or even work out, with a boost.

Recover with Comfort

Cyclists, runners, weightlifters, and various athletes have found that CBD shortened their recovery time, enabling them to continue their workouts more quickly. Additionally, athletes and non-athletes noticed that CBD might help ease any soreness and pain they're experiencing. 

So, one of the most apparent benefits of CBD for post-workout recovery is its natural anti-inflammatory properties, which come with numerous trickle-down benefits. 

For example, when you can decrease inflammation, you help your muscles heal faster, improving your recovery time. Consider also that when you go into a workout without soreness, you'll be more likely to maintain your form, helping to prevent future soreness. 

Because CBD works with the endocannabinoid system to help our muscles recover, it also helps our muscles grow. This means CBD can also help with those elusive gains in the gym or improve your game on the course as a double recovery/muscle-boosting supplement. 

Best of all, CBD is a promising new pain reliever that is less harmful than other options available. 

Woman recovering after cycling

Increase Your Focus

A growing number of people are using CBD for better focus, concentration, and productivity.

When it comes to staying consistent with any task in life, staying motivated can actually be extremely difficult. Early research has found that CBD shows promise for people with ADHD to better manage their symptoms – which is to say that the science points to CBD's calming effects on the brain.

CBD products can support focus by working with the endocannabinoid system within our body to help manage everyday stress and occasional anxiety while also providing a sense of calm.

So, when you need laser focus, remember that CBD works with your body's natural systems to provide the support you need to stay sharp all day long.

Help Reduce the Inflammation in Your Body

So, what is inflammation exactly?

Inflammation is the body's natural response to being harmed. There are two types of inflammation: acute and chronic.

Acute inflammation happens when your body responds to an injury or infection by sending white blood cells. This inflammatory response includes redness, swelling, and pain. These symptoms, however, typically resolve themselves within a few days.

Now, chronic inflammation, on the other hand, typically persists for months or years. This can happen for several reasons, including genetics, untreated infections, autoimmune disorders, or lifestyle factors including but not limited to: stress, smoking, and obesity. The immune system starts attacking and damaging its own cells in these cases. Ultimately, chronic inflammation may lead to several diseases, including cardiovascular, kidney, autoimmune, and neurodegenerative diseases.

A growing number of studies support the effectiveness of CBD in countering chronic inflammation in the body. In fact, one of the earliest studies suggesting CBD may be a novel anti-inflammatory drug was published in 2009. This study focused on how cannabinoids exert anti-inflammatory properties by interacting with CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system. Both these receptors play a crucial role in regulating the immune system.

Another 2017 study found that a dose of CBD lowered blood pressure and body stress rates in participants. If you think you'll be incredibly sore from a workout, taking CBD after might help it hurt a little less.

Keep Yourself Calm

CBD can help you find peace in the chaos around you.

CBD has long been known for its calming and medicinal properties to promote better living. You'll find pure comfort in the trustworthy ingredients that produce actual results so you can be sure to enjoy all of life's moments.

Nearly everyone encounters some stress daily; sometimes, it gets too much. It's easy to get overwhelmed, resulting in some uneasy feelings, lack of sleep, poor eating habits, uncontrollable outbursts, or even panic attacks. 

CBD's heavily professed calming effects.

a calm woman sitting peacefully on the beach

So, how does CBD make you feel calm?

We'd like to say that there's some straightforward explanation for CBD's calming effects that have been repeatedly reported by regular users, but it's not that simple.

To sum it up as much as possible – CBD helps balance the endocannabinoid disruptions that make you feel upset or restless. It also helps to fortify your body so that it can better handle stressful stimuli in the future.

Set Realistic Goals

Considering all the countless benefits CBD offers, it's easy to want it to cure it all. 

And that's okay, but making the most of CBD requires you to set personal and realistic wellness goals. Being practical is essential, along with thoughtfully planning your goals, tracking your progress, and celebrating your milestones and successes!

Think about what you are trying to achieve. What is the desired outcome? What are your goals when taking CBD?

Stay Consistent

Adding CBD to a wellness routine can look different from person to person. Still, consistency with CBD is critical to success, regardless of the specifics. 

Has CBD not worked for you? Have you not seen (or felt) the results you hoped for? One of our top suggestions is to remain consistent. Not everyone experiences immediate results from using CBD. Instead, your body may need cannabidiol to build up before it can provide all the therapeutic effects.

Bottomline consistency with CBD is crucial to success and is the best way to see noticeable, long-term results.

Find the Right Product

There are so many different CBD products available today – So, another aspect to consider is the type of product. Although the effects tend to be the same, some people may prefer one type of CBD product over another, depending on how or when they plan to use it.

As one begins to explore the world of CBD, it won't take anyone long before they are left with more questions than answers. The CBD market is flooded with everything from CBD oils to CBD bath bombs. And deciding which products are right for you can become quite a headache.

Choosing the best CBD product for your needs may include a few deciding factors. Which method of CBD intake do you prefer – tinctures, gels, milk baths, or lotions?

Each CBD delivery method offers its own unique set of benefits and outcomes. Some options are quick and easy to take, which means they're ideal for those on the go, while other methods may require more time and patience.

Since taking CBD supplements is a highly personal experience, different delivery methods will suit other people's unique needs.

You might have to experiment before finding the perfect solution for yourself.

Back To You

If you're convinced and ready to give CBD a go, try one of Country Lane's All-Natural CBD products.

The stories of how Bend Soap Company has impacted our customers' lives have brought laughter, tears, joy, and overwhelming gratitude to everyone. With this CBD chapter, we cannot wait to hear how Country Lane helps families experience relief and better living, priced precisely as it should be. 


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